Long View Systems migrates to Qorus for more accurate, efficient proposals

Find out how Long View has benefited from Qorus Breeze Proposals

Finding the right proposal automation solution

Long View, one of the most powerful information technology services and solutions companies in North America migrated to Qorus because their previous solution software did not integrate well with Office and SharePoint making the content management aspect complicated and counter intuitive.

With the help of Qorus, Long View has seen significant improvements to the way it stores and manages proposal content:

  • Up-to-date content for proposals and other supporting documentation
  • Content is easy to search for and categorize
  • Quicker, more efficient processes have resulted in a better use of time
  • Producing high quality proposals and a quick turnaround time when it comes to RFP responses
  • A smooth back-end which makes creating and building projects and template management easy
  • Rich integrated reporting features providing important insight into proposals produced and content used

“Qorus has helped to ensure that what could have been a complicated migration has been implemented smoothly and seamlessly.”

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